What body shape am I?

I'm definitely not an ectomorph, but I'm not sure if I'm a mesomorph or an endomorph, although I do have some features of an ectomorph.

Long fingers, relatively big hands, huge wrists and legs/ankles, long limbs, big waist and hips, big shoulders (bigger shoulders then hips and waist), wide neck, I don't really know if I gain muscle easily, about average in fitness, square type head, and I'm pretty strong, but I haven't developed properly yet as I'm still a teenager.

Oh and I have big feet, I'm 5,7 with size 10 feet,


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  • most people are a combination of those types.


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  • ok...i don't even have a clue what them words mean and its too much effort to research them...cant you use the usual ones, apple, pear, straight etc?

    • They don't apply in males, we have big shoulders and none of them has the type of body shape a man has.

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  • none of that has to with the body types as far as I know but I'de like to which I am to because I have characterictics of all 3 according to muscle and body magizine

  • I am 6'6" 210lbs, size 16 feet and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    • Thats not a body shape lol, endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph research them if you wish.

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    • Hahaaha this is hilarious, girls must be all over you

      btw to determine what body shape you are you would actually have to know wether you gain muscle slow/fast or if you're metabolisim is slow/fast. The size of your hands doesn't really help.

      and since you're only 16, even then it would be only vague.

    • Well, I'm 21 (T-Rex guy). I am in very good shape. 16 is my shoe size. Yes, I do have quite the collection of women following me around. (Kidding)

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