Question about facial hair?

What do girls generally think of guys having facial hair? Not all scruffed out but a neatly trimmed beard, etc..


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  • I think men with beards are incredibly sexy, but like you said not too much


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    • Wow its amazing how even through that disgusting beard Brad is STILL gorgeous, but he even he can't really get away with looks like it has food stuck in it- eeew!

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  • It definitely depends on how you look, but I usually like a little beard/stubble - they feel nice, or clean shaven.

    Big beards? definitely not, and I'm not fond of the beards that run up the side of your face into your sideburns kind of thing either :P

  • a little bit of stuble is hot

  • i like the 5 o clock shadow and some stubble! its hot

    not the full out beard though

  • I personally hate beards they remind me of pubic hair too much and if I kissed someone and got a bunch of it my mouth I'd probably be sick.

    I do however like a bit of beard stubble (maybe 2- 3 days growth?)

    Show us a pic :)

    • Won't let me load pics. Well, at least havn't figured it out yet. I have the Jason Statham thing going on. If you know who he is..

    • Yeah, his looks kinda sexy and stubble feels nice and masculine too. Just not a "big beard" that looks like it should be accompanied by visible smelly waves, beer in a bag and a shopping cart with a broken wheel

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  • Hey TanNaked,

    As someone who rocked a beard throughout grad school, this is my take on it:

    1. The most important thing is not whether you have facial hair or not but that its well-kept. You don't want to be scraggly (yes there is a small subset of women who like this, especially if it goes along with the rest of your style, dress, demeanor, etc. like the "I don't give a f***" guy, or perhaps the stoner look, or the wayward traveler, etc. etc.) But generally speaking, a girl wants a guy who takes care of himself and his presentation and that means keeping your facial hair in check. So if you are clean shaven, there you go. If you have a beard, keep it at a reasonable length (I read an article that this decade - whatever you call it - is about the "short beard.")

    2. That being said, there are definitely different things going on with the whole facial hair thing nowadays - just like there is for clothing, cars, haircuts, etc. Mustaches are out. Gotees are basically out, unless you can pull it off (certain athletes, certain areas of the country that are predisposed to that look, etc.) Sideburns are in, but not really long ones. Chin gotees and all that sort of stuff is probably not going to help. Chin strap beards are, again, for a specific subculture (otherwise no). Forget the soul patch.

    3. Different women like different things and different facial hair compliments (or doesn't compliment) guys more or less.

    4. You have to like how you look and feel comfortable with it. Experiment.

    5. Facial hair in general makes you look older. Shaved = younger. Also shaved is more straight-laced mainstream culture.

    Hope this helps.

    - Evan

    link | Dating Advice for the 21st Century

  • I know I'm not a girl but ill tell you from my experience that

    they find it cool when you first get it but overall they don't prefer it.

    But don't play along with this whole new thing where girls like their

    guys totally smooth everywhere like little boys. Set your own standard.