What kind of clothing do you like guys to wear?

Do you prefer:

-Emo/Goth style

-Skateboarder (tight jeans etc.)


-Casual (Jeans and a T-shirt, or similar)

-Preppish (Khaki slacks/shorts and a polo style shirt)

-Prep (Khaki shorts/slacks and a buttondown)

-Abercrombie (Abercrombie, Hollister, etc. type clothing.)

-Ridiculous Prep (Khaki slacks, button down & tie, blazer, suit, etc.)


Why do you like this particular style, or dislike others?


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  • So, I am just going to say that you can't really rely on stereotypes to figure out a guy's personality. Especially the mysterious ones who don't say much.

    And just because a boy wears skin tight jeans and eyeliner doesn't mean he's a complete social-anxiety mess. Just as a guy who wears khaki shorts, button up t-shirts, and what-not, can turn out to be a nice guy instead of an arrogant one.

    And really what guy under the age of eighteen (that isn't some super rich kid) actually does the prep style? It's either style-less casual, Abercrombie (Hollister, Aero... you get the point), or dresses like an "Out-cast" (Because emo kids are different from scene kids). Am I right?


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  • I'm into skater - straight shaggy hair (preferably longgg) skinnies, band t's shutter shades yeah ..I don't know why but it turns on so many girls. you have no idea. it's like 'OH MY GOD he's so hot and sweet and -get this- he's EMO-SKATER' it's like a plus haha

  • I like guys who look a little mysterious :) I don't know what that classifies as being, but just something that stands out a little. :)

  • I like a guy dressing bold, his own style, you know? Like he's not afraid to wear a top hat, cardigan, or vest something retro like that. Or just dressing casual is fine, jeans and a T-shirt. I'm not much of a short person or baggy jeans on guy so slim straight jeans are always the best choice.

  • I prefer a guy who has his won sense of style instead of trying to fit into a clique


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