How do I get a life?

People keep telling me I need to "get a life". How do I obtain one of these 'lives'?


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  • sign up for classes, do things outside, turn off the computer-video games-tv, join gerneral, DO STUFF


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  • look around, you're living it right now.

    Generally when people say that tho they mean you need to get some hobbies and or some direction in your life to 'make' it something.


  • Why do they tell you to get a life? There must be a reason for them to say that? A little more detail would be great x

  • Get a real job.

    Get a girlfriend and friends.

    Take care of your health and look,stop drinking/smoking/using drugs...etc

    Have a smile in your face and stop complaining alot.

    Stop wearing females underwears and their stuff.

    Stop acting like weirdo and freaking girls out.

    Get hobbies and stop stalking computer.

    Stop getting angry too much and control it.


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  • People say that when they think your life isn't exciting enough as it is. I'd take that kind of criticism with a grain of salt, because their need to criticize speaks to their own insecurity and unstable self-concept.

    Don't let other people's closed-mindedness affect you. If YOU want to make your life more interesting/fun/fulfilling, seek out hobbies, friends, a fun job, a girlfriend, etc. Go to social events around town. Improve your social life and pursue your wildest dreams, if it'll truly make you feel better. But if you're happy with the way things are, it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.