Do I have to tell girls I think they're cute, in order to date successfully?

I don't have experience in dating. I'm not used to giving girls compliments, like "you're cute". Actually I'm not used to giving people compliments at all.

How can I get comfortable giving girls compliments? Will I have to in order to be a successful dater? As it is right now I'd be very nervous about doing so. I really want to date but I have very bad social anxiety.


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  • Do not say to a girl she's cute unless she's 12!...If she shouldn't be giving her flirty compliments!haha...But seriously...tell a woman she is beautiful (mean it), say she looks really great tonight, that you love how she did her hair, that her eyes are glowing, etc...don't go for the easy and boring compliment...i.e. you're Hot, you're sexy, you're cute (I hate cute)! honest and mean it! Won't make you a great dater, but it could get you a date!


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  • Don't do it all the time. Just make sure when you give compliments, you are honest and sincere. Hey now everybody loves compliments!