If I'm straight and I think I'm extremely good-looking?

Wouldn't that mean I'm probably too feminine looking? I think I'm an outrageously handsome guy but girls don't look at me much... I stare at myself in the mirror all day and girls don't look at me even half of what I look at myself. So I think maybe since I'm straight I'm attracted to feminine faces and my face to me is really attractive so maybe I'm too feminine for women.

I'm just putting things together and this is what I came up with to explain why girls never look at me.


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  • A lot of girls I know like guys with feminine faces ^^ I'm popular with a lot of girls, and look at me like. Though my countries way whacked out, and into all kindsa things that somewhere like America or even England wouldn't be up for.

    Anyway, I think you should get your face out of the f***ing mirror and talk to a girl for once in your life, LOOOLLLLL. Waiting around for looks? Maan, it doesn't play out that way.

    Lets see a picture of you though? If your so outrageously handsome, LOL.

    • Girls in America want those ugly masculine bulldog faces (think brad pitt). Maybe I should move to your country ahaha. :)

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    • Dont mater how you look girl will prefore myderfall male with strong arms over" cute face" Marshal matters body lol

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  • lol..definitely not. girls don't look at you because you are TOO good looking proabbly. I'm a good looking girl, I was a model and a beauty pageant contestant, and I always feel like you do, but then a guy told me that it's because if someones a lot less attractive than you, they feel intimidated to look at you because of rejection


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  • well body!...you just maybe average..nothing to special on the exterior .your just like me lolol

    "ugly" but in denial lol


  • No it's probably because you think you're the hottest guy alive. Stare at yourself all day in the mirror dude? I think maybe if you can find some way to get over yourself, you might have more girls pay attention to you.