Where has the romance gone?

It feels and looks like the good old days are over. I mean guys and girls just get together to get together and have no meaning with it.. Is there still people who genuinely have romance and monogamy..


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  • What makes you think that in the "good old days" weren't like they are now?

    • Hmmmm actually that is a good question.. But I just see how life is changing I have seen so many commited old couples that are very happy and they tell me.. So I am to believe that it was different

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    • But dating wasn't what it was like in the 50's. Humans don't change that much. But sex didn't happen before marriage as often as it does now, I think. Divorce didn't happen as much (That doesn't mean things were happy.) But I feel either there were a lot more unhappy marriages or a lot more commitment on both sides before marriage. My point being, things were different. In some aspects, more romantic maybe as some guys aren't trying to bed you on the first date.

    • I think most people base "the good old days" on movies. Just don't expect people to breakout into song and dance when ever they are trying to express something.

      The good old days.. are you saying the 70s-60s? Isn't that era known for its drugs, sex, the vietnam and the height of the cold war? The 50s then.. back when it was the norm to discriminate against blacks and women... 40s? 30s? Weren't millions of men dying on the battlefields back then? Plus the problems of the 50s?

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  • The good old days aren't gone at all. Romance is still alive! And so is monogamy. Romance isn't always candlelit dinners and a dozen red roses. Romance, these days, can be something as simple as doing something for the one you love.

    I consider my boyfriend of a year to be very romantic. He always holds the door open for me. Always likes paying for dinner. Always walks closest to the road and holds my hand. Always sits on the end of the booth. Sure, that may be considered chivalry, but I consider it romantic. On a more serious note, he's always telling me sweet things. Such as I'm the love of his life, or that he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever met on the inside and outside. He always does little things for me. When I was very ill this summer for a month he would disappear for periods of time without telling me. When he came back I'd find out that he cleaned my entire apartment, or went out to buy cat food because I was out.

    He cooks for me and puts on music. He sits and just talks with me.

    The romance is alive in different ways for different people. He and I are completely monogamous, and we always will be.

    Don't give up on romance just yet!