Guys how should we dress?

OK so I've always been told that if you dress like a slut that guys that you'll attract won't be interested in a long term relationship.So guys is this true?And also what do you consider to be dressed slutty?How do you like girls to dress?


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  • Just dress according to your personality, e.g. sporty if you're a sporty type of person - and you'll end up with a guy who likes you for what type of person you are. If you want a guy for a long term relationship then you'll have to get him to like your personality and dressing slutty definitely won't help. I'd personally say jeans and a t-shirt are fine.


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  • Of course it's true. If you dress slutty you are making it seem as though you are more interested in sex than a relationship, so in return, you will get more guys who are interested in just sex back. Makes sense, no? I won't approach a girl who is dressed like a slut since I'm looking for a relationship, not a one night stand.

    Most of the times, girls know if they are dressing slutty. If instead of dressing to look cute or be comfortable, you are dressing to purposely reveal a lot skin, then you are dressing slutty. Or if you are wearing clothes that as as tight to your skin as possible, then that's a little slutty.

    I like a girl who dresses cute and comfortable. Shorts and a tank top has always been one of my things I find to be really cute. For formal things I always found long dresses to be classy and attractive. I also find it a huge turn on if a girl wears clothing to shows a bit of her interests or personality. If a girl is wearing her favorite band on her shirt, and I like that band, that not only shows common ground, but it's a fantastic conversation starter, and it's highly likely I'll approach her.

    • (no shade genuine question) can you explain how you dress slutty, because at first you said that dressing slutty is wearing tight clothes and that reveal a lot of skin but then you said that
      you "like a girl who dresses cute and comfortable." and find shorts and tank tops to be really cute
      but wouldn't shorts and a tank top be considered "slutty" because they are tight and reveal skin? I don't know just a little confused. What do guys consider slutty

  • Dress however you feel most comfortable.

    I find women in sweatpants sexy. I'm not sure many guys would agree but it shows what type of underwear a woman has on, it feels comfortable when cuddling, and it's easy to get them on and off of you.

    Dress slacks are nice and show off assets but typically are a snug fit.

    Skirts and dresses are nice and shows off some leg. Short shorts (not talking Daisy Dukes) with a long shirt gives off the illusion that she is only wearing a shirt. I used to like corsets on women until I learned what it does to her internal organs.

    High heels aren't necessary. I had a girlfriend that was 5' even and I thought it was adorable.

    • "I find women in sweatpants sexy. I'm not sure many guys would agree but it shows what type of underwear a woman has on, it feels comfortable when cuddling, and it's easy to get them on and off of you. "

      Yeaah! Totally agree!

    • bro how many girls are wearing corsets wtf lmao

  • Its true that if you dress like a slut no guy will want to be in a relationship with you. You should dress like Cassadee Pope, Valerie Poxleitner, or Lauren Conrad if you want a guy to take you seriously.


  • Simple Is Best. Normal T-Shirt And Normal Pants... You Don't Need To Wear Slutty Dress To Attract A Guy. Some May Think Your Working In Some Nightclubs... If You Dress Like That...

  • Did you hear this from a guy?

    Do guys want to feel sexually attracted to a girl?

    Is dressing like a boy, a princess or Jackie Onassis going to do it?

    Well then, don't you think that SOME degree of looking sexually attractive is necessary?

    Does that necessarily mean that you have to look 100% slutty?

    Do you think there's a difference between looking naked, like a prostitute, completely slutty or a little slutty?

    Do you think that difference makes a difference?

    Do you think a girl who dresses a little slutty but not completely slutty is well appreciated by guys?

    I don't know, let their behavior be the objective judge of that.

    Do you think guys would develop a rule for women that advised them to dress less sexually attractive?

    How likely or productive is that to what men want?

    Have you ever considered that women are more likely the creators of such a rule?

    Have you ever considered WHAT women created that rule?

    Could it be that less attractive women, in an effort to compete for men, between more attractive women, attempted to level the playing-field by such a rule?

    Would convincing other women to not compete based on the advantage of being more sexually attractive and confident with their bodies and sexuality accomplish this purpose?

    If you had to convince women of this, how would you do it?

    Would you perhaps aim to target their fears and insecurities, for failing to comply with such a rule?

    Would you tell them something like, "If you do (what I don't want you to do), then men will not consider you long-term dating material, wife material, marriage material, and you will never get married!" ?

    Would appealing to the fears and insecurities of women, emotionally coerce most women to comply with your created conditional statement?

    What about women who wouldn't comply with your created rule?

    What would you call a woman who "unfairly competes by dressing more attractively and advertising her more sexually attractive figure, body, and showcasing to men her confidence and sexuality"?

    You need to come up with a word that's short, simple, quick, and doesn't sound flowery; in fact, the worse it sounds, the better.


    Do guys love girls who dress "sIutty?" Of course, every guy wants his girl to dress that way, and create that burning sexual desire in him. No guy wants his girl to dress like she's a nun or aiming to win a Miss. Ladylike competition.

    Do girls love girls who dress "sIutty?" Not of it makes those girls less visible and less sexually attractive to men, as a result of this girl who dresses "sIutty."

    So the term "sIutty" is imposed and insisted on by girls; not guys, as a last-resort defense against other girls taking away or unfairly competing for sexual attention from men.

    Believe me, if the world were truly run by men, every girl would be walking around in her underwear

    • Quite nicely put, but not a real answer.

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    • Wow seriously, that word really sucks. It's just so derogatory. "pleasure is good for you, what's wrong with taking advantage of it" think about it people.

    • It's "wrong" when "other girls" are just better at taking advantage of it ; )

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  • I really hope guys can't still get away with writing guides on how women 'should' dress...

    The simple answer is to dress as you wish to be perceived. This is why dressing like a 'slut' won't really get you a real relationship. If you've got your boobs hanging out everywhere you go, it says you want guys to look at them, which says you don't mind them using you for sex. Hence, player types will flock to you, and relationship types will find someone with 'better' morals.

    Having said that, you could dress really demurely and then guys might say you're old-fashioned and not sexy enough. Especially as you're under 18 - I doubt you'll find many guys looking for proper relationships. Sucks but it's true =\

    But like I said, the only way to look at it is to dress (and act) as you wish to be perceived. If you look in the mirror and you look like the kind of girl you want to be, then that's good. If not, then change it. And make sure you're comfortable in it! =]

  • I think girls should dress that way she wants. If a girl is wearing really revealing clothes, it's either she's comfortable with her body so she's not afraid to show some of it or she wants that kind of attention. Either way, what's wrong with dressing the way we want to. If someone doesn't like the way we dress, then they don't like everything about us and in which case, they can go f*** themselves.

  • Of course that's true. if you walking around in shirts exposing your boobs to the world, you won't attract the kind of guy that wants a long term relationship. just guys that want your body

  • I've known enough guys (friends, brother) to know that when they see a lot of skin, even in their peripheral, they automatically look. They may not even find the woman herself attractive but the flashes of skin make them look.

    When I was younger, I always "liked" it when a guy checked me out...I knew he saw something in me beyond the visceral pleasure of checking out a female because I was fully dressed/covered.

    So, I always thought that the guy saw something in "me" (my eyes, whatever) that he liked and that I didn't have to do something "easy" like dress in minimal clothing to get a guy's attention. I already get it w/o having to dress that way. I feel that weeds out the ones who are looking for only one thing, get "easily" aroused, and aren't "deep thinkers".

    I have no issue with other females dressing however they want; I have friends that do so.

    But, for me, as I've learned, getting to know myself, I have found a great style that is "sexy" w/o revealing too much.

  • I remember once I was wearing a really tight shirt and short skirt and my friend did my makeup (way too much). Anyway we went to a club and I saw a few guys looking my way. Then I overheard one of them say "forget it, she's easy". I was really upset because I honestly am not. So I think if you don't want negative attention, be conscious about what your clothes are saying about you.

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