In the past year or so I've lost a lot of self-motivation. I've lost a lot of drive and determination I used to have. And in the midst lost a good chunk of myself and personality. The things I used to love I now can't muster up any enthusiasm for and feel almost bored with it. I don't believe I'm depressed. I'm more or less in a funk. Has anyone else felt this way? How did you find the motivation to get going again?


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  • well I hate to say it but I does sound like your depressed. but this might be caused by a number of things. hows your sleeping going? or have you switched hormone pills or started taking them. if you honestly believe you are just in a funk then maybe your just looking for me in your life. watch some movies like miss congeniality or something . bend it lie beckham, stick it etc. with a sport of a particular hobbie or project you may find you end up deciding you want to take up something new. trying going for a run even if you dont want to. the exercise causes good hormones to be released and may help get you in the mood. and if none of this works dance around your bedroom in your underwear/something you feel sexy in listening to dance music you may find your perk yourself up :D x please tell me if you need anymore help with anything