Do you rate the opposite sex (1-10 scale) with your friends?

My bff and I always rate random guys out of 10, discretely of course lol. Or else we just comment. Do many people actually do this? .Also on the 1-10 scale, I would think 5 is average, and 6 or 7+ is attractive is this how others do it?


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  • that sounds about right...but you have to also understand...women rate men on a scale from 0-10

    men rate women on a scale from 1-11...

    • Lol right. do most guys do this? and alot?

    • Not really, I mean I'm 23...we ususally just say "that girls hot as hell" or "damn, id def take her out" or on small occasions will one of us say, "on a scale from 1-10" that girls a 20...somethign stupid like that, I mean we don't sit around and say yeah she a 7 or yeah she's an 8...we usually just say yeah she's hot or yeah she's OK, only if someone asks us to rate on a scale do we do it

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  • I never heard of a 1-10 scale until I joined this site. I think it's an extremely childish and shallow thing to do.

  • No that's stupid. Just use words not stupid numbers.

  • Back in early part of high school, there were ratings but not from 1-10. Someone would ask "would you bang her?" Everyone around would reply with a yes or no. That's it. We've (most of us) have grown out of that though.


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  • i kinda grew out of this phase when I left junior high.

  • No.


    • How is it lame?

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    • Give me a break, it's not like rating them has anything to do with whether you want a would date them or not, it's just fun. It's not insulting anyone and whether you admit it or not everyone has a 'type' in the opposite sex...

    • It's still pretty shallow - I mean, what makes a 6.5 a 6.5 and not a 7, a 10 or a 1? Sorry but I just don't see anything fun about a bunch of people sitting around and saying "oh, that guy/girl is a 5 but his/her friend is an 8 at least".