People seem to be looking so much?

I always see people "looking"for the right girl/guy.

in my opinion over trying.

I believe in just waiting, when its my time He will just show up out of the blue, and I believe he will be "waiting" for me to.

idk I just believe when you find your right one, you'll know. and if not know right away then you'll just have some weird connection with them. and favor them.

What do you think?

I am in no rush to find my partner.

Well find each other eventually and until then I worry about my career and doing things I want in life.

how do you feel, everyone wants to find their true partner.

that was a good point. but I mean why go running around trick or treating for the right candy and not just let it come to you and when it comes itll be great. doesn't mean there is no hard work and effort into it.


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  • I did the exact same thing as you. I put my Career first and now I'm set. I've said the same lines before. I see people trying like crazy and stepping over each other. I don't worry much about it. If it happens it happens. I'm not in a rush, I'm happy. I have to get the aspects of my life in order before I adding someone else into the picture.


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  • the "right one" issue is overrated over hyped, there's no one that will be just "right" for you, in every relationship you have to work to keep love alive, to shock your world even more, any person can be the "right one" if you both decided to dedicate time and effort and patience to your relationship, if you both choose to respect each other and be kind to each other.

    so many people just wait for Mr. right, then just like that they decide that they " feel " he is the right one, then, after a single problem or major problem, they give up and break up, convincing them selves later on they he was not "the one" & " the one " is yet to be found. lool

    to be honest, I blame TV & Disney for this pattern of thinking ! :D

    • I don't have a fantasy if that's what your believing.

      i meant it as waiting for someone with a natural connection instead of finding someone who looks worthy of a good f***ing and deciding since you two have a few movies you enjoy are right you should make it work.

      i was in a relationship for a long time, and I put my time and dedication in.

      i know you have to put work into, not just magically wake up and find someone who makes you feel like your own bella and edward senario.

    • BUT we have the same kindof thinking, just aggravated it seemed like I gave off that "im a young woman waiting for my prince charming" vibe.

    • Well, I kinda got that impression :), but sometimes I judge too quick :P

      but after knowing what you actually meant, yes I agree with you !