What do girls think about guys who shave their legs, arms and pubes?

im 17 and a complete hairaphobe. I think hair is disgusting. input from girls would b much appreciated. oh and if you're wondering, I'm 6 ft and have an athletic built body with a 6 pack if that helps.


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  • actually, I'm not that into guys with hair. it tends to gross me out.and think about this, if the girl ur dating can't put up with you shaving, she's not worth it.


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  • Um.ok. I don't mind hair unless we are talking very hairy butt and backs. That's not so sexy. But other than that I love facial hair, arm hair is fine, legs are fine too.I like men to keep their pubic hair trimmed. I just don't like a man that is fully shaved. It's not attractive to me personally.

  • Hey, you're a hairaphobe! LOL!

    well, hair doesn't really matter to me, but I'd definitely want you to be happy!

    shave or don't, being 6 ft, having an athletic build and of course the six pack would definitely have me interested!

    now that I'm thinking about it, hair can get in the way of things! LOL! (if you get what I mean!)

  • lmao think its fine. I don't like hairy guys at all. its really off putting and plus shaving your pubes is better for us girls when giving guys blow jobs. is it just body hair or head hair too. if you know what I mean? so is that how you like your women lmao :P hairless. no in all seriousness its fine . it looks better so long as you have a bit of a tan in your legs and arms. :D

    • Haha actually as long as the girls arms aren't hairy and she shaves her legs and pubes I'm fine but if her arms are hairy they should b shaved but they don't have to be

    • Lmao yeah hairy arms and legs on a girl when theyre like wearing skirts makes me cringe lol I dont think about the other shaven bits apart from on myself lol

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