Is long hair on men attractive for woman? If yes which hairstyles are?

I'm at the moment trying to improve myself with the endgoal of getting a girlfriend (someday). I have at the moment long hair which are all at roughly the same length (shoulder) in which fall as they want (basicly no hairstyle).

Since I like my long hair, but I'm well aware that my current hairstyle is probably not very attractiv for woman and if have no idea about hairstyles (or styles in general). I want hear from you if you have something against long hair out of principle or if there are certain hairstyles with long hair you find attractive.

PS excuse my bad English and can someone tell me if "long hair on men" is correct english?
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  • No I don’t like long hair on guys it can suit some but I tend to find guys with short hair much more attractive.

  • Many of my friends like long hair in guys, I don't understand it but that's their preference
    Some would like it the way you like it so, just wear it as you wish as long its clean

  • I like guys with short hair or bald.

  • Depending on how it looks.

  • I really really like long hair on men.


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