Some questions about asking and answering on this site?


Assuming you're not the first to answer, do you consider other people's answers before giving your own? Or do you simply give your own opinion first, without looking at what others had to say?

Do you reply to comments on your answers, or comment on other answers (whether you agree or disagree)?

How often do you rate a question? How often do you vote others' answers up or down?


Question askers:

How do you use the answers do you receive? Do you follow advice exactly, compare answers to find the best solution, or balance your own opinion with those of others before taking action?

Do you consider things like the age, gender, and location of answerers before accepting their opinions, or do you view everyone at the same value?

Do you ever respond to the people who answer your questions, whether through comment or private message or instant messaging?

How often do you give best answers?


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  • I usually read other answers first, I don't feel the need to answer if someone already stated what I was, I figure the person wouldn't want the same answer over and over

    Sometimes I'll reply, if there's a need to reply then I will but if it was something like my favorite color is blue to then I don't really see the need to reply, it just seems like it's a point of view and not a conversation. I'll comment on others post if I agree or think it's funny and the same goes with voting it up or down

    I'll weigh it out, see what would be the best answer considering the situation

    I do sometimes consider age and gender, if I ask a question about a girl or a relationship I would be less likely to follow the advice of a 15 year old, I just don't think they have enough experience but then again if I remember reading about some dude who's 40 and never had a girlfriend then I would be less likely to follow their advice to,

    I do respond to some answers, if I like their answer or if I don't, I try not to reply those people who just answer a question to get some attention, you know the person who just says something sexist, racist

    I try to give best answers but I don't always, I don't think all of my questions are set up to have a best answer, like my last one which was a do you prefer type of question like this one link but if I have a question that I'm really seeking advice then I will, like this one link (you don't have to go to the question I'm just giving you a sense of the question, and yeah I know I haven't selected a best answer for the last one, I usually like to wait just to see what all I get)


Most Helpful Girl

  • yes I read and consider other people's answers. If I agree I'll usally just rate up, or I"ll type a more detailed answer, or I"ll answer with my opinion if I don't agree.

    Sometimes I reply to comments. It just depends on whether or not I have something to say about what they said.

    I rate questions when I think the person asked a dumb/mean question. Then I rate badly. :D

    I rate answers quite often. Up and Down. Almost every question I read there is at least one answer that I rate.

    I usually just ponder the answers I get. Its just nice to know.

    Usually I just take their opinion and ignore age/location. But I do take note of gender.

    I sometimes respond through comment.

    I give best answers if there is a best answer to be picked. And I usually wait about 2 or 3 weeks before I pick one, if I intend on picking one.


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  • Answerers.

    Assuming that I'm not the first to answer, I would look over what other people said. Just so I don't restate their answer, I would just simply thumbs up them.

    I don't really comment on whether I agree or disagree. I tend to thumbs up or thumbs down them with the exceptions of completely rude comments. I do state my opinion and comment back for those.

    I only rate questions if they've interested me, or are completely patheic. Or just when I remember sometimes, so it's dependable. Out of 10 questions I read, I probably rate 6 answers on average.

  • Sometimes I read other answers first, and other times I answer first.

    I sometimes reply to comments. I think I've commented once or twice on other people's answers.

    I've never rated a question.

    They offer a new perspective.

    I consider age and gender, but I never really look at location.

    I respond by commenting if I want.

    I've never chosen a best answer