This whole looking away thing...

a guy in my class does that.seems to always try to avoid eye contact with me but I catch him looking in my direction and he would turn away (I smiled as a hello, she shot me that slight turn of lips back and quickly turned back to look at the prof) and he's making it impossible to even approach him since it seems like he's ignoring me.but it don't know whether it's ignoring or that whole "looking away outta shyness" thing.

how can you tell the difference?

(how can I approach him? what can I say that won't make it awkward?.and it's nothing flirt like, I just wanna be friends)


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  • It's shyness. He is looking at you for a reason. Just go up to him and ask him about some school work or something until you can tell he is a little more comfortable with you. Get his email and chat online or something then.

    • I actually already got his email lol..and we talked and stuff..but again during class it's as if nothing happened O_O.

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    • Sigh..why is this so hard, it's times like these I wish I could read people's minds lol

    • Ohh man! Me too! That'd be awesome... except for the people who don't think highly of me... then that would suck lol. If I could only read the minds of girls who are interested in me... that'd be key... but I guess that is sorta the same as it is now, I can't read any minds.. lol ;)

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