He told me we'd look at rings in a few weeks-- it's been over a month?

My boyfriend of 11 years told me over a month ago we'd look at rings. I asked him about it and that's how he told me.

He said we'd look in a few weeks, and it's been over that now.

He now has no time frame as to when we will.

I don't even want to be intimate with him because I feel lied to.

I'm really upset that he drags his feet so much.

He says he wants to get married. I don't know what he's waiting for especially since HE told me we'd look, and that didn't mean he had to buy a ring then and there.

What gives?

We do not live together if that makes any difference.


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  • Maybe because your horrible in bed and he has some 18 year old on the side? Maybe your the one dragging your feet. Probably should put some fire under your fat ass and get to the gym!


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