Is this a good tattoo for a girl?

I have no picture for it, I searched on the internet for it, but couldn't find it. When I'm 18, I want a tattoo on my upper thigh. I want it to be a heart with a spider web around. I told my step dad about it and he says it was a bad idea, but I talked with a guy friend and he said it was hot. I wanted peoples opinion on it. So I can decide whether it's good or not.


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  • Who cares what anyone else thinks, its what you think that counts...get something you like and think about the long term consequences, a tattoo of a kitten on your but can grow into a tiger...


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  • It sounds cool. Does it have any certain meaning for you?

    • It does. I want the heart, because I'm very kind and gentle. Then the web, because to me it says protection! Don't know why I think that. I've been heart-broken before so the web is supposed to me, I'm through with my heart being broken.

    • Hmhm well if it has meaning to you, then go for it. :) If it was just something you would randomly put on your body then I would be against it.

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