Do you like it if a girl is tan all year round? Or do you not care?

I'm pretty much tan all year round... I've pretty much been like nonstop tan for the past three years and I don't even remember what I look like without a tan. I use the Jergen's Natural Glow lotion, and I don't use the tanning beds anymore. My question is, do you guys like a girl that's really tan? do you hate it? or you just not care?


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  • Personally I think that when a tan is obvious then it's a turnoff.

    The reason tans are attractive is because a tan USED to be a result of living a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, which is attractive. This stopped being the case when girls started using tanning beds, tanning lotions, and laying out for hours to get a tan. Hence it stopped being attractive.

    If your tan comes from being active outdoors and playing sports, hiking, things like that, then sure. It's sexy. If your tan comes form a bottle or from laying out in the sun or a tanning bed, then that's just disgusting.

    Nothing is more hideous to me than people who do to their bodies what The Fast & The Furious wannabes do to their Honda Civics.

    • Honda civics HAHAHA

      well said mate, that's exactly what I wanted to say!

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  • It's a plus for me, but I don't care either way. Be confident in yourself, if skin tone holds someone back from you than move on to something better.

  • well being naturally tan skinned myself, I looove a girl with nice natural looking tan anytime ;)

  • Depends if you get to see it all year round... don't really matter to me worry about you bf...and what he likes

  • so you're orange? and still getting darker and darker... well done! you might find you a guy with a brazilian fetish.

    • I'm not orange honey... I'm tan. Nobody has ever said that I was orange.

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    • Except you can't get cancer with lotion... nice try.

    • It's just unattractive, a lotion or no lotion, it's just yuck, trust me, people in real life won't say that to you straight up to your face especially that you're a girl... and another thing, if you were supposed to be tan then you might have been born tan from the beginning, you're modifying yourself in a trashy and unhealthy way. Go on and expose yourself to sun moderately and unintentionally like most of proper people do, like sports... etc. Otherwise it's just funny if not yuck to us guys.

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  • Well,I do commend you on not using tanning beds and for being completely safe about tanning,something more girls should definitely do.

    I doubt guys care to be honest.I mean,if you're naturally tan,then it's whatever.Naturally pale then it's whatever.

    I doubt any straight guy is going to say "OMGZZZ,she's pale,can't go out with her"

    I mean,you're either attractive or not.The whole package.

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