Why does he only look at me when his friends are not around?

I have a crush and he's in my class. He's so cuteeee. And hot. Recently, he keeps on staring at me. But he only looks at me when his friends aren't around. His friends used to tease me but not anymore. His name is Mark. Is he embarrassed or something that he only looks at me when his friends aren't looking or near him?And have I mentioned we never talked? Only once.


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  • he probably thinks you are cute and may like you. maybe he is shy to talk to you or he cares about what his friends think about you which would be mean. don't get too caught up with this guy.

  • There really isn't much to go on with this question.

    He may think you're cute too, but I wouldn't crush on someone you've never spoken to just because they're "hot". Especially if his friends teased you.