I look like a younger version of a dad. is that a turn off lol?

I have a real clean cut look about me, not the hottest guy out there, but decent looking, my hair is short and just normal looking, no crazy style or spikes or anything. I look like one of those young married, young father type guys, just a bit younger.

maybe you get what I'm saying maybe your don't but I think its a problem because I look too put-together for girls it seems, and I am. I'm really mature and family oriented and no drugs or anything... I have no edge. and while I'm happy to be me, and I most certainly will not stoop to any levels to get a girlfriend or a girl to like me in general, I always attract the girls, I don't want to date... wouldn't even think about dating. and the prettier girls go for more of the bad boy and that is something I'm not (and someone they should be smart enough to know not to get involved with anyway).

either way its a vicious cycle that is always repeating itself. I feel I deserve the best, so I pursue the best girls even tho they are rare. and I am always looking for a commitment and something real and genuine.

basically I think I need a bit of a change in style and attitude, but I don't know what I should do... I want to have the bad boy appeal but still be me and not have to settle and have my great qualities and be a total ladies man, but I don't know how to do it. any ideas? thanks!

to clarify... I don't look like MY dad or anything. I look basically like the stereotypical young married man. basically I look clean cut, classy, and more mature than most people my age look. and I AM more mature as well... I just keep it real basically


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  • I have to be honest, what you consider clean0cut and classy and mature probably comes across as boring to a lot of girls...especially the "best" girls as you put it, who are typically the trendier ones.

    Here is some advice that guys and girls can use. If you are trying to attract a certain type of person, look at their opposite sex counterpart. Do you look like the kind of guy they would typically date? I'm assuming not because you said you always attract the girls you don't want to date.

    I think you should step your fashion game up and go for a trendier look. You don't have to look like a Jersey Shore guy, but the clean cut boring Richie Cunningham Happy Days swag is not gonna work lol. if you want a certain type of girl then you are gonna have to appeal to their interests, that or not date them which is what you're currently doing.

    • I mean I usually dress in tshirts and shorts and stuff, lately I've been wearing fifty-nine fifty hats, but idk, I mean even my face gives off that vibe, like the clean cut boring guy. I just wish girls didn't assume I am boring. Girls seem really superficial about the word 'fun'.

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  • Just because you dress properly doesn't mean you are boring... Having a classy style is timeless and trust me, the type of girls who you are attracted to won't be disappointed or let down by your looks.

    I like smart and sharp dressers; no baggy clothes or underwear showing pants. Maybe it's because I went to boarding school or because I grew up in London but I've always liked to dressed and admire people who dress sharply.

    Before I go on rambling, what type of girl are you looking to attract?

    The prettier girls probably go for the "bad boy" because he is more outgoing and probably because he has an "I Don't care" attitude.

    Dress more Banana Republic or J.Crew and be stylish about it. Look at fashion magazines to get ideas of how to dress non-dad like.

  • If your dad is stylish and in fashion, I don't see a problem...but if you look old-fashioned...could make the wrong girls fall for you.

    So if you're not like your dad, stop dressing/looking like him and create your own style (if you want to be successful in regards to girls...maybe ask some girls your age for advice).


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  • depends if your dads a turn on

  • Girls don't like boys they like cars and money..

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