What should I wear? (having major fashion block)

**Before I get a bunch of questions saying "Wear what's comfortable" ,rest assured I'm not looking for someone to tell me what my fashion tastes should be, just looking for ideas

So I'm...

a colorful, bubbly personality who's on the talkative side

Petite (5'0 ft)

not flattered in yellow or super neon or pastels

pale, but olive skinned; dark haired

an "autumn"

I walk well in heels at or under 4 inches, love accessories, and hit a "fashion block" on cute outfits! will probably wear outfits to school (high school)

Casual, formal, semi formal...really all types appreciated

Any ideas?


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  • Casual-

    skinny jeans(dark blue-black) with a white tee and a teal cardigan and a brooowwwwnnn belt with some 2-3.5 inch heels that have a pop of color-deep purple pencil skirt w/black skinny belt and a white flirty top and ballet flats or kitten heels.

    A cool unique t-shirt with a long sleeve striped shirt underneath and your favorite pair of jeans is always a good cute outfit. just mix and match. like today I wore a cream and teal striped long sleeve shirt with a coca cola tshirt on top and boyfriend jeans and converse and a bunch of necklaces. Take a night off and experiment with clothes and accessories. If you want any more ideas message mee pleeeeaseeeeeeeeee! :]


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  • idk if I can post links to stores on here so I'll pm you

  • Here are some ideas you might like:


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