Is he trying to say something?

Yeah, I know. You're probably like "Oh god, not another one of these questions!" But I'm sure answering 100000000 and 1 won't hurt.

Anyways, there's this guy that whenever I see, he looks at me as if he's waiting for me to say something. And when I do say HI, he seems sort of nervous or something. Like... just awkward. He is the shy type , though. The other day I was sitting on a bench and he came with his friends to me to "tie his shoes" right on that bench..and it seemed as if he was waiting for me to say hi. It always feels like that - he looks at me a couple of times, doesn't say anything, and to me it feels like he's waiting for me to say something to him first. Does this mean anything?


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  • I agree with the first comment.

    Shy guys usually don't speak up unless the girl speaks to them first because they're scared that they might be ignoring you or embarassed because it might make it seem like he likes you.

    Maybe try saying hi to him sometimes when you see him, he might either respond back happily or say a weak hi because he's too nervous to even say something back.

  • Yes, I think he does like you; If he didn't, and you talking to him really did make him uncomfortable, he probably wouldn't keep coming around you, no?

    And if he is shy, maybe he just needs a little help? Like maybe you could say hey and introduce yourself next time, and then maybe ask what his name is (even though it's likely he already knows your name, and even if you already know his). Just trying to communicate and make a little connection with him may encourage him to talk more, and feel less awkward.


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