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All the guys I know just shovel food in their mouth without even noticing that the raisins might actually be cockroaches, and they would gladly help me out if could not finish my meal.

so are all guys like this? I mean should I even bother making a special dish when they don't even react any different to that and kraft dinner?

for instance, even my dad, I made pasta and spend an hour making this subtle sauce for it.he poured a canned sauce over it as if my sauce wasn't enough. Yet he says he likes it <.< .I mean why bother,I guess next time I'll just make it normal without any details and effort, without any sauce and save myself some time.


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  • lol nah I think you just have guys around you that have no idea of what good food is. my mum is an amazing cook and I have grown up with her cooking, which is mainly thai, or morrocan but also almost anything else.

    not all guys just shovel it down, I promise you I could telll the difference between a dish you had slaved over and one that was out of a tin. that is pretty bad of your dad, he is probably obese lol. no disrespect intended. I mean, he is probably someone that poors tomato sauce or sweet chilli over everything he eats.

    a couple came and stayed with us for a week or so, and my mum would spend all day preparing these unbelievable dishes. and then the wife of this couple would grad her husbands bowl and poor soy sauce over it, or cover it in pepper etc etc. my mum said she almost felt like crying. so it isn't just you going through it.

    plenty of guys out there know good food, myself included, its up to you to find them! and show off to them your expertise in the kitchen!


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  • Save yourself time, make them what they want and enjoy the accolades of being the greatest cook on earth from them. Only you will know how easy it was to make the meals for them.

    Hey now you learned a new trick on pleasing guys with meals, hmmm? Think about it.

  • I guess it depends on if their picky or not & if its maybe their favorite food your making.Me I'm not picky at all when it comes to food so its all orgasmic, Now if you want want more recognition I'd say if you want to to make food for someone special don't secretly go about you kind deed in the kitchen. Ask if they would like something , if they go the "surprise me" style then I hope you know what they like , and just tell them to keep them selfs occupied till your done , don't ruin the surprise.all the while your working that person is anticipating something special is coming to them soon , this is when you know your hard work will pay off , feeling more appreciative knowing its coming.


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