Choosing a hairstyle?

OK so I had good hair since childhood but as I grew up I kept on loosing them at a fast rate starting my a levels and now its pretty serious.. My hair line has gone back and sides of the hairline has deepened majorly . Rest I have hair but getting thinner and spaced out. So I was looking for a style which would be trendy and also cover this issue so I don't look that bald (obv I don't expect to look like someone who has awesome hair but still) Plus I have a big nose and a vertically long face ( imagine I can be over weight but it won't show on my face people call me thin when they see my face pic) so you got an idea right show some talent and help me :P :)


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  • get a buzz cut... or something to that nature..

    • Oh noo girl...i just googled that and I like it as a style but I have a long nose and a vertically long face which means my face doesn't have a round look to it so I feel it'll go bad. don't you think so?

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    • Nah can't have that even bu thx for the effort :P

    • Ur welcome and good luck to ya!

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  • The messy look. Put that gel crap in your hair and comb with your fingers. Or just cut it short. You can always use a can of spray paint. It might look like your wearing a helmet with brown grass growing out of it but hey, at least you won't have to worry about it getting messy in the wind.