Is it a huge turn off if a girl is beautiful in a slightly androgynous way?

I am 18, I am slim with shoulder length wavy blond hair, blue eyes, white skin and boobs. I do however like dressing in a slightly androgynous way, because by nature I am not a super girly girl. I like wearing suit jackets, dark jeans, and leather. I tend to have a more "understated, classic" look most of the time and I never wear dresses/skirts/tons of accessories. I have been told by a few male friends I am a bit "intimidating" because of the way I dress, I was wondering if you guys would still date a girl if she wasn't super feminine but otherwise pretty? :S

* almost 18 :)


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  • Nope, not a problem for me...

    Truth is, I really like individuality. People should wear clothes that fit how they see themselves or want to be seen.

    If you stand out because you dress a little different, that's usually a positive thing to me, because it means you have the conviction to do so. Of course, I'm not talking about standing out for the sake of standing out. I'm talking about standing out because you're just trying to be yourself.

    Furthermore, very few people completely fit stereotypes like "girly" or "androgynous". I'm quite sure you have a girly side to you somewhere even if it doesn't express itself in how you dress. Likewise, a girl who dresses very girly doesn't necessarily have a very feminine personality. She may even be trying to compensate for her personality by dressing a certain way.

    Also, most people have large parts of their personality that are androgynous, and that's perfectly fine. It's less common to find people who are at the extreme end of being super feminine or super masculine. And I'm talking about personalities, which is all that really matters.

    How you dress is of course a by-product of your personality, but it only gives a small picture, and there are so many ways for me to learn about your personality without looking at how you dress. As long as you're not trying to dress a certain way to give people a false impression, you shouldn't worry about what people think of it.

    Bottom line is that I'm not really looking for a girl who is "super feminine" like some kind of Barbie doll...just feminine enough. And I also know that a lot of the girls who are trying to give the image of being super feminine are faking it.


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