How do you build up self esteem?

All I hear is that I'm ugly.. I know your own opinion is the most important but every time a girls walks by, I hear a voice in my head saying I'm ugly..


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  • That voice in your head... who is that voice? I know you think it's your head, but I'm sure that's a message that you got from someone close to you since you were a child.
    We all have voices telling us things about us, good and bad, and about the world, good and bad. And those are the voices of the people who raised us. Our job, when we grow up, is to have our own voices and thoughts and to see the world and ourselves through our own eyes and values, not the ones that were imposed over us.
    So, whose voice is it really? If you can identify whose voice it is, you'll be able to replce it with your own voice, one that tells you that you're beautiful and that you can follow your wishes and dreams, and that supports you on everything you want to do. And that's how you build your self esteem.

    • Wow, thanks a lot for taking your time to reply :) You are probably right, I am going to think about that

    • Sure, I hope it helps :)

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  • First step to feeling good about yourself is dont give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Second step have strong morals and integrity so you know your a good person. Step 3 read step 1 again!


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  • First off, you are not ugly. You look just fine. But I have the same issue with myself. What i do, is I stand in front of a mirror, look myself in the eyesand say anything positive I can think of. It helps myself to believe those things. That or writing in a notebook self image positivity notes or quotes you can find online, and read them over.

    • Thanks :), I'm gonna try that

    • No problem! I hope it helps! I also write positive self image things on post it notes and stick them to a wall I look at often:)

  • That's what i want to know too. I have 0% self-confidence


What Guys Said 2

  • Cut negativity and the people associated with that out of your life. Be around people who make you better. Set mini goals and accomplish them. You have to want it though.

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