What to do when you can't tell if she likes you?

The best option is not to ask her. This will lead to awkwardness if I'm wrong.

She hasn't been "touchy feely" with me but then again, I'm not like that with women when I like them.

There are some things that she doesn't do (flirts over text sometimes, flirts only sometimes in real life) which leads me to believe she's not interested. But then again I don't do these things either.

Is it as clear cut as it seems?

p.s. She does think I'm cute.

So confused:(


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  • Girls can be quite complicated, and often play hard to get so if you want to know if she likes you then you will have to make an effort to find out. Try flirting a little more and see how she reacts. Also watch her body language. If she smiles a lot and makes eye contact a lot she probs likes you. Also see if she does things such as looking at your mouth when you speak and fiddling with her hair. Look out for subtle things like that as they will be the biggest giveaway. Or if all else fails, if you have a mutual friend ask them if they can find out. Hope this helps.

    • Well I talked to her a little today. When she was talking she was looking at me and then to the right a little. Is that a bad sign?

    • Down and to the right. Although I tend to over analyze things lol

    • If you stare someone in the eyes for too long it's actually seen as a threat (animal intincts or something) so its not a bad thing she looked away. If she looked at you in the eyes for felt like even a fraction longer than she does for other people then she's attracted to you.

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  • 1) Assume she does, indeed, like you

    2) Respect that knowledge and don't abuse it

    3) Be a gentleman and make the initiative even if it means you do get hurt.

    ~ ArtistBBoy