Ladies please stop wearing!

This one is just for fun! Please fill in with as many things as you'd like..My list includes the following

- plastic bracelets

- crazy bands (were adults)

- cheap weaves

- mis matched foundation

- too much blush

- scrubs when you aren't in the medical field

- luggage for a purse

- poor boobie support (their not supposed to resemble torpedoes, or sand bags!)

- poor foundation under dresses( lady shape not lava lamp or laundry bag!)

- belts with too little jeans.. ( no more muffin tops!)

- flats with no socks ( your feet stink)


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  • I have to say I actually love it when people dress really badly lol. I think it's really entertaining and hilarious.

    i also love to watch the weird trends and goofy clothes of the season. Like we all enjoy laughing at 70's polyester psychedelic jumpsuits and platforms, so 30 years from now, we will probably find uggs and crocs very funny.

    i feel like one of the great freedoms of this country is to dress basically however we want. Nudity is pretty much outlawed, but other than that, it's all fair game.

    it's great to be able to look well put together and super chic or just basic and simple, but I do appreciate all the wacky looks like everything from huge fake nails to hot pink hair.

    My personal pet peeve is designer logo bags that people seem only to carry in order to show off supposed wealth, which to me just proves they are either ostentatious or bad with money LOLOL.

    • OMG!! I love your answer and very true of the designer bags... I don't get it. Nor do I get those freaking designer sun glasses??

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    They don't have to be stylish, but really, you can find clothes that f*cking fit. "Muffin tops", indeed.

  • i just wanna say one thing, please stop wearing clothes... be nude we all should be nude, enjoy watching each other nude...


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  • "boots with the fur". honestly. that song came out about the same time the style went byebye - two years ago. let it go, people.

    graphic t's. no one over 14 needs one. and they never need to say anything like "angel" or "hot".. wtf? this is not 1999.

    CROCS. are f***ing nasty. the mullet of shoes.

    glitter/s/sparkles - wearing glitter to something casual and not on halloween is bad. shimmer good, glitter bad. body glitter..yikes.

    capri pants. what the f***? just chose shorts or pants. there are few exceptions.

    puma shoes. I just f***ing hate them. I don't understand who decided they were reasonable

    anything made of velvet.

    bronzer..that clearly does not match the rest of your skin.

    Wide legged pants - I don't get it. at all.

    hats with ears. if you're 5 its one thing. if you're 25..its a whole different ball game.

    i also don't understand the point of jeggings? can someone please explain.

    and of course..mullets.

  • Metallic leggings. They're vile.

    Velour tracksuits - I don't care how comfortable they are, you look like you've gone out in a babygrow.

    Jumpsuits/playsuits - again see above

    Hair extensions that don't match your actual hair colour.

    Acrylic nails - no they don't look good they look down right nasty and they ruin your real nails.

  • - foundation that doesn't match your skin colour, the orange tangoed look isn't good!

    - Ugg boots, there the most ugly and pointes shoes/boots I've ever seen in my life

    - wearing guys jeans, there baggy in the front for a reason,...unless you haven't told me something?

    -so much makeup that you look completely fake

    -jeans that are half way down your ass, its OK for guys but on a girl it looks cheap if your thongs showing.

    - gladiator sandles

    sometimes girls are hopeless =)

  • leggings as pants, tracksuits when you are not going to the gym, velour tracksuit tops, pointy sneakers, crocs and uggs.

    like, how can you?

  • - So much make up that makes you look like a clown

    - Long dresses with knee high boots.( What's the point wearing long boots if you can't see it?)

    - Clothes that don't fit your body shape.

    - Weaves that don't match your natural hair color ( Your not fooling anyone)

    - Oversized girls wearing tight clothes ( I'm sorry but that just looks nasty ! All ya fat is hanging out and juggling when you walk. Just stop it !)

  • ladies stop wearing lacefronts with the mickey mouse hairlines, it looks dumb as hell and your not fooling anyone

    stop wearing bandage/body con dresses if you have no shape. its only for hourglasses or pears with curves sorry

    plus size ladies stop wearing shirts that are 90% spandex

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