Why do people say to like the body you have?

I am losing weight for health reasons, I know I will like my body after, and also to fit in a little bit more.

I have been hearing a lot to like the body you have. But what if you can't like your body?

How many of you have heard that as you were losing weight (or are hearing it now)? and what did you do?

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  • Heard it, stopped losing weight(what happened after?)
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  • Because they are being cliche and politically correct.

    Ex:I asked a question on here about a month ago,asking a few different health questions,I updated the Q before I thought anybody answered saying something along the lines of "don't tell me to love and accept my body etc" and one user continued to give me bullsh*t answer.Why?She was too stupid to read:


    The bitch is dumb,not my problem.

    Here's the thing,I've dealt with weight obsession since I was like 4/5,I've done some pretty unhealthy things and at least I can admit to it.Now do I constantly obsess over my weight?Yes,in my mind,but I don't tell others(other than on this site),I'm not vocal about it.It is emotionally draining and it bugs me constantly.I will NEVER be happy with my body shape(stupid hourglass shape) or my weight.I could be skin and bones,dying on my deathbed and not happy,that's just how it is.I'm never going to accept or love my body.But that's my problem and business,no one elses.

    If you can't like it,then go on with life.I'd be a hypocrite to site here and tell you to go to therapy.Truth is,that is an option,or you can just go on with life.

    And I couldn't care any less of what people think of me losing weight.Contrary to belief,girls don't make or base every decision on what guys like,nor what society likes.My insecurities are my problem


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  • I hear it from a few people, but I've also heard the other side of it, that I should hate what I look like. Neither are very easy to deal with.

    People say it because it is PC, because we're all worried about self-esteem and self-fulfilling prophecy, etc. No one's a "loser" in school sports anymore, no one is told to work harder, just to be happy with who they are. But it isn't always wrong, either. Especially with women, who are told by socity that they have to live up to this impossible supermodel, celebrity standard that can't be reached with plastic surgery, trainers, and usually an obsessive amount of diet/exercise/drugs. So to curb this (and the sharp rise in anorexia in young girls), we are being told to love our bodies. And it is good advice, really, except it hard advice to hear when you want to look like the girl on the magazine and know you probably never will.

    I unfortunately come from a family that tends to be tall, pale, and big in the hips. It doesn't matter how much I work out, how little I eat, how healthy I eat, I always have a big butt. All my friends obsess over my figure, say that while I'm not a thin girl I'm not fat and that I have a good overall figure. But that doesn't mean anything when I see little thin waifs prancing through the mall wearing clothes I would love to wear but never will. "Loving my body" means squat when I've worked out for weeks and eaten nothing but lettuce ans find I've not altered anything on my body.

    My best advice is to ignore it. Sometimes you can love yourself, sometimes you can't. What I suggest is doing what makes you happy. If you feel better when you work out, do it. Get where you are content, even if not happy, and focus on another aspect of yourself. For me, I hate my body but my hair is gorgeous, so I focus on it.

    And remember, no one's perfect. Even Sandra Bullock looks like crap when she doesn't have make-up artists and designers poofing her up.

  • I voted other - like your body if you're healthy, if you're not then lose weight.

  • Because it leads to eating disorders

    but honestly, anything that's an extreme is dangerous. Those people are taking it too far.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to improve your body

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