What do women look for in a guy besides the same old boring stuff?

I have a interesting question.

What do women look for in a guy besides the same old boring stuff?

Here's a example

Like would a woman take a guy who's learned from lifes lesson?

Or would you take a guy who repeats his mistakes?

Would a woman like a guy w/high morals and values?

Or a guy that has afew to none?

Would women take a guy that has potential to see problems before they happen?

Or a guy that is oblivious and ignores the problems?

Which brings me to my question why do women just settle for

ordinary guys?

When their are some guys that think outside the box

And I'm no expert when it comes to women.

But I'm surprised how women get blinded by love or lust.

I just have this piece of advice for women.

You can't change every guy.

The signs are out there if a guy likes you or not don't ignore'em

Don't be afraid to use your head and not the heart.

That leads to heartbreak,


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  • First, is this a question or a statement.

    But to answer the topic of the title.woman like guys who make them feel like someone, a man who can show up and make her dull day bright.

    Of course woman want someone who can look at themselves and admit that they are wrong and actually change, but many woman are sure that they will not find it, others have been scared so much that when they reach medium they forget that they can do better.than there are those who don't need perfect and are completely happy with just "him"


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