He wouldn't even look at me! Why does he do that?

There's this guy in my Biology class, we sit next to each other and I always catch him looking at me but when I make eye contact with him. He looks away or tries to distract himself. Today we were assigned in a group of three to do a in class project, it was me, him, and another guy. He wouldn't even look at me! I was talking to the other guy about the assignment because he would just glare at me or avoid any contact. What's with this guy? I don't get him, and it's not just Biology, we're in every class together and we always sit close by to each other. I just sit anywhere and he sits next to me or two seats away the most. What's going on his mind? I don't know what to do or even say to this guy. Any Advice?


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  • It sounds like he has a crush on you to me! Or he's just a jerk...But I think it's the former. He's probably one of those shy guys who are intimidated by girls. He probably glares at you because he's frustrated that he can't start a proper conversation with you - maybe glaring is the only way he knows how to get your attention ...Ha from my experience anyways. I used to like this guy, but he never paid me any attention. Some days I would just glare at him because I was so frustrated that I wanted him to notice SOMETHING about me - even if it was the evil eye I was throwing him. I'm generally a very shy person, so this guy could be the same.

    As for what you should do...If you think he's a creeper, just try and be as nice as possible. Don't return his frosty attitude, that would probably make things worse. And if you think you might be interested in getting to know him, just try throwing some small talk his way every now and then - he's bound to open up sooner or later. Good luck, hope I helped :)

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