Will looking really hot every time my ex sees me make him miss me?

When my ex and I were together for years I got so comfortable around him I started to care less about my appearance. So I dressed in long comfortable t shirts and sweatpants and did not do my hair much and barely wore make up...gained a little weight lol. Now that we are broken up I have not seen him in a while, but we text sometimes. I have lost a a lot of weight already, and he does not know that. Will looking really hot from now on start to attract him and make him really miss me? I would love to hear from both guys and girls but mostly guys!


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  • He might want to have sex with you, but that doesn't necessarily mean he will want to get back together with you. what do you want him to do?

    • I wouldn't mind some sex ha ha but yeah I want him to start missing me more so that maybe we can rekindle our spark and maybe start dating again.

    • If you're really flirtatious with him then maybe he'll get the hint. If you look better, you look better. He'll be more attracted to you. If he didn't leave you because of some major issue, then looks could definitely help.

    • Well last night was the first time I saw him in weeks and I looked hot!!! We went out with some friends and he kept looking at me all night and whenever I would say something it always seemed important to him and when I would mumble something he would always ask me what I said. I flirted with his best friend a little who flirted back a little and I could see the jealousy in his eyes it was pretty great actually lol.

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