How do I get a boyfriend? (realistic advice please)

I've never had a boyfriend and I've never had a guy taken any kind of interest in me.

What can a girl that is below average in looks and personality do to capture your heart?

(I kinda only want advice from guys that have had girlfriend[s])


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  • Maybe try and expand the parts of yourself that you like, the things you like about you, become more of yourself. Do what you enjoy doing, and don't be afraid to. You're never going to be attractive to everyone, every guy likes something a little different, but if you're yourself, then you are all the more attractive because you're not afraid to be who you are, and the person who is attracted to you, will like you for who you are, not for who you're pretending to be.

    Personally, I think most guys like honesty, if she's kind that's also a plus. Sense of humor is also good, or at least being able to laugh and joke around. Acceptance is a big one, I think, we need to feel accepted by our girl, as we are, and not like she's always looking for things to 'fix'. I think being complete in yourself, and feeling okay with who you are, knowing that nothing external will complete you, that you are already complete, may also be good.

    • Can you answer this question from your own point of view rather than what you think most guys would?

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  • your a girl, it's easier, all you have to do is wait for a guy to ask you out, initiate

  • Hey, me again, needed more space.

    I said general things because I know every guy has a different set of things he likes, but for reference or as an example, here's a small list of things I love about my GF:

    -Her smile; When I see her smile at me because she's genuinely happy to see me, it's just a great feeling.

    -Again, Acceptance; I never feel like I have to be something I'm not with her, we accept and love each other as we are.

    -Love; It is love given between us both, with no attachment or expectation in it. This includes both acceptance, honesty and both of us feeling okay and complete as ourselves.

    I could go on but...


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  • I'm with ya girl. 18 and never had a real boyfriend. I'm getting tired of being the girl no guys like because my looks are below average. My personality is... well, people tell me it's amazing. I was even voted "funniest" in my high school. (not in the class clown way.. just a good sense of humor I guess) .. but it seems guys are SO superficial. And it makes me sad :(

    good luck!