Why don't guys like me or ask me out?

(under 18) not to sound stuck up, but I have a nice body (size 5, flat stomach, good butt, 34 C) and a pretty face (clear complexion, multicolored eyes, freckles, soft, straight, brown hair) and I'm smart and athletic and nice and really good at singing and I have lots of friends. a few guys on my cross country team even said I was the hottest one on the team. so why is it that no one ever likes me or asks me out?

but I just don't feel intimidating or anything!

oh, and I have never even had a date or a boyfriend or a first kiss.
im a christian and I don't gossip very much. I not rude to anyone, or at least I try not to be, and I'm pretty low maintenance. I'm very forgiving and pretty patient and I don't get into fights with people ever. I'm not very judgemental.


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  • All you did was describe your looks. What's you personality like?

  • maybe they feel intimidated

    • I'm not sayin it's necessarily the reason but it's a possibility...u can b intimidatin without really meanin to because apparently I am to some girls and I definitely don't mean to

    • I'm sure there are some who like you since it seems like you're a pretty nice person....they could be shy...just give it some time and see what happens

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