Is she looking at me because I'm looking at her?

this might be a little long

last school year I would look at this girl I liked (I'm a little shy but out going what ever that means) see would see me doing that. that was last year this year I tried not to do it but when I do the girl would be facing me looking at me . at lunch I have to sit by myself I put my hair in my face so she can't see my eyes and she would be looking at me or when her back is facing me she will look back and I would look out of the corner of my eye I would see her looking at me for about 5sec when I move my head she looks way. she really started doing it more when my friend told her on facebook I liked her. but is she looking at me because I'm looking at her ... or I'm I getting my hopes up


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  • I think she might be looking, to see if you're looking... to see if you still like her, maybe? I think so,