How do I look younger?

I'm pretty damn young, I'm always mistaken for a 18-23 year old and it really bothers me. I don't know how to change my appearance by looking younger or maybe my glasses makes me look more sophisticated and older. Looking smart, I don't mind. I look like a secretary with them and my hair pined up. I don't know what to do. I want to look like my age. I'm hating on the fact that people think I'm a fricken adult which I'm not. Then they treat me like one which is unfair. I don't like it at all.

Yeah, I wear eyeliner. Not heavy as I toned it down and just a little bronzer so I have that youthful glow to my cheeks. Just a dab and nothing else.

Please help me? Thanks in advance. =)

I'm taller than an average asian female. I'm 5'5''
I don't wear $!utty clothing or reveal clevage.
This is not enough info or details. Really, I get old people asking me out and flirting with me. That's how bad it is.


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  • 1)Skin care

    Skin care is important at any age range,any skin color,nationality,race or ethnicity.Skin can be the biggest age teller,with the neck,hands and eyes being the biggest giveaway in age.Poor skin care habits can allow for the aging process to go faster and you can age a little pre-maturely.

    -Cleanse:Use a cleanser that is right for your skin type;oily,dry,combination,normal,sensitive etc.If your skin is on the drier or more sensitive side,go for a cream like cleanser,if your skin is more oily or prone to break outs,go for a gel like cleanser with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide(if you have breakouts),if you don't have breakouts then a gel based cleanser.

    Tone:Use an alcohol free toner.Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner or ProActiv Revitalizing toner work well and are gentle.If you have acne or oily,Witch Hazel works wonders.

    Moisturize:In the AM,use an oil free moisturizer that contains SPF 30 or higher,in the PM use a moisturizing repairing oil free moisturizer.



    With make-up you can create any look,but certain looks give a youthful look,others a mature look.

    -If you use eye make-up,aim for lighter,brighter colors as they are more youthful,pinks in particular give off a younger look.

    -With blush,again,a rosy or pink color gives off a youthful look.

    -If you use mascara,try to aim for a wide eye look rather than trying to "enhance" your almond shaped eyes.

    3)Good Lifestyle

    -No smoking

    -No drinking

    -No drugs

    -Workout 30-60 minutes a day


    -Wear clothing that fits your age range

    -Generally floral,polka dots,pinks,yellows,oranges and light colors are associated with youthfulness.


    -Pony tails and french brains can look youthful.Big bouncy curls also look youthful.

    • Omg, wow. Thanks gurl! =) More than what I expected. :)) Thanks all to those who've answered!

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  • Most girls spend their time at your age trying to look older and more sophisticated. Get a hello kitty t-shirt and wear more Justice clothing. I don't know . Seems like a stupid reason to try to dress down. Its like saying 'gee, i'm too pretty - how can I look ugly'.


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  • You sound pretty, but since you don't have any pics, it's hard for me to be able to give you any tips.

    However, general tips would be to wear light colors of makeup, imitate popular young hairstyles, wear what's fashionable for your age group, and use wide eyed or smiley facial expressions along with a young sounding voice.

    • Thank you for adding me as your friend on this site. I'm really new on here. I do have a young sounding voice. People thought I sounded 10-12. Thank you very much and you are chosen as best answer.

  • less makeup, wear jeans and tshirts and tennis shoes and wear your hair down