What hair color do you like on a girl?

Okay so you know how people ask what color hair they like on girls?you know how they say blond or brunette well mines light brown. do guys like my hair color? oh and also what color eyes do they like. just give me your personal opinion. :D thanks


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  • It really depends on the overall appearance of the person, I know attractive and unattractive blondes, brunettes and gingers. Although I am hopelessly in love with a brunnette so that's my favorite at the moment... And has been for the last 4 years (sigh)

  • You're a brunette then. Brunette means someone with brown hair. Duh.

    Green eyes are probably my favorite. I don't really have a preferance for any hair color, but every girl I've liked has had brown hair.

    • Ummm OK thnx I didn't know that but a brunette is someone with darkish brown hair... I think I will look it up.:)

    • A brunette is someone with ANY colour brown hair. It doesn't matter if it's light or dark. Seriously, guys.

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