I've written this letter and sent it to her. Girls, how would you take it?

There is this girl, that almost every guy is after, am trying to hit on her, I've written this letter and sent it to her

" I will love you like no other, I do not know if am hallucinating but what I feel for is something I do not understand, I have all the knowledge to know and believe that what am experiencing and going through is not true, but instinct tells me otherwise. I want to state the common paradox that your always on my mind, I used to think it was a joke but it's not. Seeing you only without talking to you takes the stress away for the day. If I could describe and write down what I feel for you, you would fail to understand it, cause what I feel is something new that I've never experienced before. Even though you may not feel the same way about me, I will continue to feel the same way about you, cause it makes me a better person, it's the reason I live each day, I would rather be a shadow to you than come out in the open for you to think of me as one of those guys who just wants you for your looks. Even though you may not believe me it's something I try to confuse myself with, that your not Beautiful in and out, but I cannot change the truth, I've got to accept it, the way it is."

I have never spoken with her, but she knows me, what will she think of me?, Have I done it all wrong, do I have a chance at this girl? do I simply force myself to move on after this? what would you a girl do in such a situation?

thx a lot for the advise, but I hav friends who know her well and would I be deceiving my self if I say that I see her personality in her looks?


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  • Don't send it. Once she knows your feelings for her she might use it against you. Sometimes your emotions will get the best of you at times, if you don't know her then you should get to know her as a friend first.

    If you've never talked to her then how do you know she's beautiful on the inside. Believe me, she could be someone the total opposite of what you think. She might use you for attention then you will really get your feelings hurt.

    Let her know how you feel but don't get that deep. Just tell her you like her and if she likes you she will let you know, if not move on with your dignity.


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  • I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is kind of stalkerish to a certain extent. I think you're a bit infatuated with her. You says she's "beautiful in and out"... But you've never talked to her, so how do you know if she's beautiful on the inside for real? Your first line "I will love you like no other," is very straightforward-- maybe a little too blunt for someone you've never talked to. Good luck though!


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  • Really depends on how serious you two are and how long you've been talking to her.

  • that was the wrong move man...