Argumentative style flirtation?

I want to know how people view this.. Please scale or explain below (10 - you would date this guy ; 1 - you would never speak with him again)


Girl: I'm thinkin' spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner (:


Girl: Ass. I am not fat. :(

Guy: I never said you were, I said fatty.

Girl: are you retarded? when you say fatty to someone, you are calling them fat. Do you need to go back to school?

Guy: Ass. I'm not retarded... No a fatty is someone that likes food. :D

Girl: Whatever. That's insulting. Someone that likes food is called someone that likes food. Not fatty. Loser.

Guy: Fine, I'm sorry do you forgive me madam?

Girl: lol I guess...

I view it as playful and fun. In my own perception I actually like challenging people like this and in every experience I've had women will usually make it seem like I'm an asshole, except I make it so obvious that I'm playing around that only a second grader wouldn't get the hint.

So.. What do you think?

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  • I don't like the playful tension
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Thank you all for your responses. I'll make sure to correct my thoughts, if you have any alternative examples for similar playful tension (that you think would be playful for both parties) let me know.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You sound like a total douche. I would NEVER speak to you again and encourage others to do likewise.

    Keep in mine, tone does not get across in instant messenger. People can't tell if you're joking or not. They can just read the words.


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  • do this if you want to get punched

  • i'd probably hit u...hard. Unless I really was which case I'd probably break down crying. Either way though, I would never speak 2 you again.

  • Negative 5. Everything I have to say can be summed up by what basilleaf said.


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