He said he just wanted to be friends, but he keeps bringing the subject back up!

My guy friend, whom I've recently gotten to know pretty well over the last month, well--I told him that I liked him as a friend and as something more. He began asking how long I liked him, and why. Then he began opening up to me about his past and how he had been in relationships and that he was "your average piece of garbage" he put it. He was warning me and said he could understand if I didn't want to date him. Then he began saying how he would treat me and how it would be. We decided to continue at the rate we were going but that he would treat me "a whole lot better." (he picks on me in a flirty way.) we discussed this till about five in the morning, and then the next day he texted me first thing when he woke up.

We talked for about 4 hours, then he stopped. Then he sent me a text saying that the way he sees it now, our friendship is just way too important to him to risk it and lose it. He doesn't want things to become awkward between us if we date and break up. Then he said he's just afraid of getting hurt again, and so on.

Well I told him what I really thought, and at first it was mean, but then we start discussing it on a deeper level. Basically I called him a player...

Well Sunday he texted me and said, "I'm not a player..." then I told him I believe him, and yadda, yadda, yadda. He told me he still wanted me to sit with him at church, and so on. Then he texted me yesterday and said, "It seems like you're mad at me. :(" I told him I was not, and I reassure him for the third time that I'm okay with us just being friends. He said he felt bad because he felt he was mean about the situation, and I told him again it was fine. He said he didn't believe me and that he didn't want things to be different between us. I told them they wouldn't be, and he never responded.

...what is going on here? He has me so confused. I mean he and I aren't like best friends, so I really don't understand his behavior, I hardly texted him in the first place, and he never texted me first...any ideas what is going on? I am very confused... :(


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  • The guy is playing on your sympathy and is attempting to guilt trip you, and by the looks of your message he is succeeding. Everyone knows someone like this, they create imaginary issues and are needy as hell. Either way, he's pretty smart to play the "wounded boy" card because it works wonders in getting a guy some tail.


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