Asian Eye Puffiness?

Hey everyone, I am Asian and of course I have the Asian eyes. However its the weirdest thing, occasionally after I cry, or just randomly my eye lids (the eyelid specifically) gets puffy and makes my eyes look kinda like sad puppy dog eyes...

I was just wondering, does this happen to anybody else? And if it does, are there ways to reduce the swelling?



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  • the happens to everyone. wash your face in cold water to bring down the swelling


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  • everyone's eyes swell up when they cry^_^

    you could put warm tea bags on your eyes and sit for a little.

    or there are some eye masks you can get that you can either freeze or put in the microwave.

  • oh yes. I get that a lot when I cry, or if I don't have a good night sleep.

    um. I try makeup , lol or I put green tea bags on my eyes for a little bit in the morning when I wake up. Make sure there not to hot !