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if I get along exceptionally well with a guy friend of mine who is on the bigger side (much bigger than I), should I let this interfere? we like all the same things and we seem to really hit it off, sometimes we flirt but only a little, I think he gets uncomfortable after a little flirting sometimes, he texts me everyday to see "what's up" after work, which obviously means he likes hanging out with me.sometimes I feel he likes me as more than a friend but I'm not sure if I'm ready for all this.

I'm a very unpredictable, impulsive type of person and I can sometimes do things without really thinking about the aftermath. do you think I should say "ef it" and what anyone else may think and go for it. he's not only bigger than i, but younger by a few years. I'm not totally attracted to him physically but mentally, definitely.


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  • what do you mean by "ef it and go for it", like date him. or more friends with benefits? elaborate on that please. In my opinion a relationship needs SOME physical attraction, or eventually you may look at the person some day and not be attracted to them no more, but mental attraction from personality and such things, is very important. But it is your decision that only you can make, only we can give you our opinions :)

    • By "ef it and go for it"...i think I mean date him. face wise he is cute..but I was never into bigger guys. I know I can't get an answer from here, and I know only I can make that decision for myself, but opinions do help some as well. thanks for all your input and any other you may have.

      the thing is...he's really nice, we get along well, like all the same music, I just feel as though I'm being shallow which I can't stand.

    • In that case give it a shot, sounds like you have lot in common. if you end up being shallow then you end up being shallow. hell he may be going to the gym now that he met you to loose weight? who knows, only time will tell in how it works out for ya :)

    • Thanks. I think I may play it out and see what happens within the next few days... after seeing that maybe I'm not just being impulsive..i think I may tell him that I like him more.

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  • I don't really know what to tell you. I don't think it should be based on how big he is. It sounds to me like if he wasn't a bigger guy you would be going for him. Who cares what other people think, it doesn't hurt to try it out. The guy probably just gets nervous after you flirt because he isn't put in that position a lot and doesn't exactly know what to do.


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  • Can I ask how big is he? I'm shallow sometimes, but that would actually matter to me. There's a point where I would have a really hard time being physically attracted to a guy. Something like 6'1" and 260 I could probably deal with (though I'd encourage him to lose weight), but something like 5'8" and 350 I don't think I could go for. Guys carry weight different of course, so just take those numbers as a general kind of thing.

    • I'm really not sure of the exacts...but I know he's about 5'8 and I'm not sure of the weight.. probably somewhere in the 3's..

      the physical attraction, like I said isn't there so much, but the mental is... we share a lot in common and basically have the same views.. I'm figuring just take it day by day and see what goes.

    • Oh jeez, I hope I wasn't like wildly dead on with my 5'8" and 350. Sorry, I was just throwing numbers around. It's not like I even really know what that would look like, I was just guessing.

      Good luck with everything, and I hope it works out for you.

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