With or Without Makeup? (Taylor Swift example)

I always hear guys on here saying they prefer girls that don't wear any makeup because makeup is "high maintenance" and "fake". I always thought most guys really don't know what they're talking about because they don't truly know what the average woman looks like without any makeup on at all. I know they probably don't like unnaturally fake looking makeup, but no foundation, eye shadow, liner, concealer at all? Really?

Taylor Swift for example:

with obvious makeup: link link

with natural makeup: link link

with no makeup at all: link link

Which do you think she looks best in?

I'm not picking on her at all, I think she is very beautiful, she was just an easy example to use since she is one of the few celebs we've seen without makeup.

Also try to imagine no makeup on the average non-celebrity girl. Do you guys STILL think makeup is fake and girls look better without any on? Or are you just saying that you prefer a natural look and not as if it's caked on or badly applied with unflattering colors?


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  • Argh. She's gorgeous.

    So I don't think she's that good an example lol.

    Even in those makeupless pictures, it's obvious the lightning and hair are perfect. Not to mention that she already has nice features.

    There is nothing wrong with a girl taking care of herself.

    I think what guys mean is they hate obvious orange tans, tons of mascara and apparent lipgloss with glitter. Using only concealer, some eyeliner, natural tinted lipstick and a bit of mascara makes you look pretty and natural at the same time - it just brings out your face more and hides some blemishes you might have.

    You can also go out with no make-up at all if you look that great, but most of us do need a little help and it works wonders. ^^

    Using bolder make-up is a good move at parties or certain social gatherings, but is overboard for daily use.

    That's my opinion. :)

    • I agree. taylor is beautiful but the love story one with make up looks the best (yeah, i know my songs).

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  • Oh come on, the first "no make up" picture is enhanced with photoshop. Otherwise, the best out of those is the first natural one and the second nomakeup one. :P

    Look. Make-up can be useful to cover up minimal skin perfections, so you won't have zits lying around on your head - if I knew what people use for that, maybe I'd use that too. But eye shadow and eye liners? Whenever I see a girl wearing those.. A while ago, I used to believe they are sluts. No kidding. Now I actually see the picture, and I realize that they are all just afraid of what they truly look like, and need this to enhance their confidence and self-esteem, to make themselves believe that they are pretty that way. Because people (like their mother, relatives, friends etc.) told them they were pretty ONLY when they were wearing makeup.

    Whenever I see someone wearing too much makeup... I feel sad, because I know it's all just to hide their own self-loathe.

    Oh, and a general rule. No girl EVER looks better with eye liner and eye shadow if she wasn't ridiculously pretty in the first place. True fact. It can either "look just as good as before" or "ruin the look". It cannot make it better. I have never seen anyone who looked better with makeup than without.

    • Are you serious? what about fake lashes?

      It's not that we have low self esteem, but we tend to put on makeup to look more "put together"/ "older"/ "more professional".. imagine a lawyer seeing a client and she looks tired with lack of makeup, how would you view her?

    • So you mean if it is not part of your "face" in terms of Goffman's "Theory of Face"? Well, that's a hard question, because I never needed a lawyer like that. Apparently I'm certain they have to look confident and perfect due to their profession, but if they are tired, then they will still be tired even if they hide it. You can hear that in the voice of people.

      But if we look at interpersonal and physical attraction, I stand by my opinion. I'm attracted to humans, not dolls.

  • I think a lot of people HIDE behind makeup, trying to cover up what they're unhappy with, rather than trying to enhance their natural beauty. With the T. Swift examples, I'll still maintain she looks best without makeup, if any then the natural look, but never the obvious...I mean...come on, who's she got to impress?

    The thing is, when you love someone, when you truly love someone, they look different. Their beauty is enhanced more than makeup could ever provide. Makeup becomes obsolete. When I wake up next to someone I want to be able to recognize that person as the individual I love, not one who feels a need to hide behind some manufactured sticks. Besides, less is more.

    • Why do you think people HIDe behind makeup? maybe they like the look that it gives them and feel attractive with it. that's like saying guys hide behind haircuts and beards. you like how it looks that's why you groom yourself like that right? makeup is more of a form of style like hairstyles, accessories anyway its not like every girl who wears it feels terrible without it, they just like the look and most women do look better with makeup on. taylor looks way better with natural makeup

    • Didn't say all people, I said a lot. Yes, I feel like a completely different person w/out my beard. My roomate's the same way. There're plenty of guys who'd care less if they had a beard or not, I do. I feel like my face is an ever-expanding balloon w/out it. Y'could say I keep it for security reasons. Plenty of other reasons too. How many gals wear makeup to cover up zits? How many TV personalities do the same? "Perfection" is unobtainable, otherwise its superficial.

    • Zits are ugly and unsightly. if you think taylor looks way better its because she likely has the best nutritionists, dermatologists and skin treatments to keep her skin looking nice. I'm sure if most girls walked around with their zits, blackheads and boils and discolorations uncovered because they wanted to be "real" and not worry about attaining perfection not only would they feel less attractive but most guys would agree they should cover that mess up

  • You used a bad example because even the non-makeup pic has been touched up with photoshop. That being said, the non-makeup pic is the best.

  • in the case of Taylor Swift she's super cute in all of her pics that you posted, but in general I like girls with natural looks or with a little bit of makeup..

  • I don't give a hoot when the pictures are all different. Show me a series all in one day from no makeup up to full battle armor LOL

    heres the thing. when I wake up in the morning, and roll over for a hug and a kiss...there is no makeup. give me natural beauty any day, but remember...part of that beauty comes from inside, and has nothing to do with what you see in a picture.


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  • The guys on here don't represent real life,alot of them are inexperienced,virgin and desperate and they assume all girls look like Megan Fox without make-up.

    She is pretty,but she looks like the average girl in the no makeup at all pic.

  • I don't spend precious time putting crap on my face for anyone. Any guy that has a problem with that isn't worth pursuing.

  • The no make-up pictures do look photoshopped, as someone else said too, don't get me wrong, she isn't ugly, but she's hardly prettier than any average girl

  • the pictures with no make up are photoshoped... so I'm guessing in real life she looks worse

    I still think she's cute though

  • some people look good without makeup, taylor is not one of them. but she also doesn't look good with a lot of makeup. the natural look works best for her. this is true for most girls