He was one of my best friends, and now he won't hardly look at me. What's going on?

So there's this guy who I have known for 6 yrs. He used to be one of my best friends, but then he transferred to a different school. We kept in touch while he was gone, but I never saw him in person. Now he goes to my school again and we are not nearly as close as we used to be. There for a while he wasn't talking to me at all. He just recently admitted to liking me a couple years ago, right before he transferred(and I found out from some of my friends that he told them that he would have asked me out but he thought I was too good for him...what does that even mean, really?), but he hasn't really said anything like that since. But lately, he's started talking to me again. He now sits by me in my seventh period and pokes me and hugs me sometimes. Sometimes, he even draws on my paper. The other day he took his ring off and asked if it fit (it was a little big, but whatever) and then he let me keep it till the next day. Some of the other kids in my class make jokes about us being together sometimes even though we aren't.

Ever since he came back, it's been kind of awkward. He won't make eye contact with me for more than a split second. And I swear I can see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye sometimes. (but I don't want to turn and look to find out) .

But, my question is this: is it possible that he still likes me? He has a reputation of being a ladies man, so could this just be his personality? I have no clue what's going on in his mind...


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  • you have to figure out the truth of his lady man reputation for yourself and not go by hearsay

    it is possible to reignite old crushes, but it's more difficult because of the passing of time and the fact that you are both older and more narrow-minded as far as how you view love and relationships


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