Barbershop flirting?

For the past year or so I've been going to a new barbershop. There's this one lady I always seem to get. The last time I got my haircut there, something interesting happened. As always, I removed my glasses before the haircut and put them on the table. When she asked me to look at my haircut, I reached forward for my glasses. They weren't there. I had to feel a bit around for my glasses. She asked me things like "Oh, can't find your glasses?" and giggled. At the end, she put my glasses on my face, and then said "Wouldn't want you to lose your eyes." (And for the record, I always thought she was cute). So, flirting, or something else?

Would any ladies like to answer my question? I was kind of curious about a woman's perspective on this.


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  • Wouldn't read a WHOLE lot into that. Not saying she wasn't flirting but if she was it was very light/playful. Doesn't mean you're out of the game though dude! Next time you go get a cut come up something clever that has to do with your glasses. Keep things light. It's way too soon to say she's flirting with interest. But your next step should be to respond to her playfulness in kind. Be clever. Be original. And most of all.. MAKE HER SMILE! If you can accompolish these things you will get a clear understanding of where she stands with you. If she smiles (genuinely) you are on the right track. Remember, she started by keeping things like, now it's your turn! She put the ball in your court, what ya gonna do with it?

    Best of luck! ;)


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  • yes she's flirting she probably thinks your cute too I always like to do things like that to guys I'm intrested in :) ask her out good luck


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  • Looking for a tip probably. That's like thinking a Hooter's girl/stripper/waitress/etc is coming on to you. They know your wallet is closely tied to your c*ck. They'll do anything for a buck. Not saying it's not possible, but the monitary motivation could be it also.

  • Do you wear a shirt that says, "Please don't take my glasses or hide them ;)" or something? Every question that you ask has to do with some girl taking your glasses, hiding them or keeping them away from you, and laughing at you. Is there some sort of traumatic experience that you keep playing back in your head?

    • No, I just get picked on a lot, it seems.

    • Well start sticking up for yourself man. If someone seems like they are going for your glasses, push their hand away, grab their wrist, do something. Shit, bite them if you have to.