New hair - will he notice me?

my crush said I was good looking last year and I got a new hairstyle and I think I look really good and everyone else says I do, so do you think he will notice me more (even though he stared at me all the time before anyway)? maybe I will be bumped you from good looking to pretty or hot.


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  • My boyfriend doesn't notice when I change my hair. And I'm not talking a trim, I'm talking - new color, cut off 4 inches, etc. I do it once or twice a year. Ah well.

    But, what your guy may notice is your confidence. If your new hair makes you feel more attractive and confident, he'll notice that for sure! (in a good way) :)


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  • you should talk to him and ask him out and stop wondering how much he's looking at you. I only say this because I used to do this all the time and I missed out on a lot of good opportunities. If he stares at you all the time he thinks your hot plain and simple. Hair and such doesn't change the natural hotness. ASK HIM OUT ALREADY! :)

  • wow, you should seriously go up to him and ask him if he likes it because that doesn't spell out to him that you like him, it just says that you want his opinion.

    but to answer your question, if he's always been looking at you, he most definitely will notice the difference