What's too natural for a girl?

I shave my under arms and legs... But what about the bikini area? And nail polish... Do guys really like that? Makeup... Do guys like little, a lot, or none? Fake tans? Hair dyes? All that kinda stuff, I'm just curious.


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  • Guys like to not really notice makeup, but done well, can make you look better. Don't overdo it, go with what makes you feel sexy.

    Nail polish is about what you like, and other girls. Guys barely notice it. So make them the color that you like, or reflects your personality.

    Hair dye, if you want, go with a colour that looks good on you. Plenty of guys like redheads, brunettes and blondes.

    Pubic hair doesn't matter unless you're dropping your pants, and I would recommend you not do that randomly. If you're dating someone, then their opinion matters, not ours, and not all guys have the same preference. Personally, I like shaved below with trimmed hair above, with full, trimmed bush, my second choice. But a lot of younger guys seem to love shaved. If you like it shaved, go for it, but if you want a 'safe' choice that most guys will like, even if its not the favourite, go for a landing strip or similar - i.e. a short, groomed patch of hair above.

    I like white girls, black girls, latina girls, native American girls, natural olive complexions ... but I don't like tans that much. They always seem more orange, real or fake. That's just me though.


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  • Ok, no fake tans, do you hear me? None of that. The more orange/bronze you look, the more it becomes a turn off, it signals "I'm a high maintenance bitch". Now as for makeup, foundation, concealer, and a little bit of eyeshadow will be enough. Everything else is too far. Esepcially blush. It makes you look like a pikachu.

    • Haha pikachu! love it :D

    • Thats cus some girls have no idea how to use blush.. They put way too much and it looks very unatural

  • NO HAIR! Ew. Jungle bushes are a no go for me at least.

    anything else in excess is too much. Just be reasonable with the sh*t.

  • This below is my guy-ness speaking. In exclusion of the first one, you can skip the other two if the guy you have loves you. Appearances don't matter if you're in love. If you're with a screw buddy though, appearances are everything.

    Shaving - No giant bush in the down under. Nuff said.

    Nail polish - I have never noticed nail polish, ever. Doesn't matter to me.

    Make up - If you look like a bloody clown, I'm not going to take you seriously. If you look like a pizza, not going to happen. Hair dye...if you don't like your own hair color, you got problems. Fake tans...I could see that. I've considered it myself, as a guy.

  • Shaving: Not really an issue for me.

    Makeup: Cute girl without make up on > Cute girl with make up on. Just seems more natural

    Fake Tans: Never thought of it.

    Hair Dyes: Depends on what color (red's kinda hot)

  • Is it weird to like hairy armpits?

  • you look about 12, so I'm guessing you are and therefore shouldn't be worrying about this

  • Shaving- Personally, I love hair. A bush is fine with me

    Nail Polish- don't care

    Make up- Whatever compliments you, nothing overkill

    Tans are okay

    Hair dye I don't care about.


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  • Neverrrr get a fake tan! It looks bad on ANYBODY! It's way unnatural and makes you look as if you're trying too hard! Pale is pretty :) handsome if your a guy I suppose xD

  • take a notice at the girls that are considered hot in your area. most likely they wear nail polish or fake nails, makeup, tan, and hair dye. so to say that guys don't like that and prefer the most natural is false. they like whatever looks good.

    guys don't really notice your nails as long as they are well kept and clean and not too long. personally I like to go for crazy neon colors and zebra prints and leopard prints like this style: link if you're hot a guy is not gonna be like "oh well I thought she was pretty but I don't like her fingernails ew", that is just a mild detail that women pay attention to. do whatever makes you feel good, we all have different aesthetic styles, men don't care about that

    as far as makeup. if you wear foundation, eye shadow, concealer, liner, blush, bronzer, lipgloss, etc. and it LOOKS GOOD then they won't care. but if you look at hot mess, can't apply it right and wear bad colors it will be a turnoff.

    fake tan? um well I'm naturally darker skinned but I have seen a lot of girls tan that look hot. most girls in my area use tanning beds. the orange obvious fake tans aren't cute but if you get a spray tan or something that looks bronze vs. orange then you're good.

    hair dye? since when do guys care about that? again get a flattering shade and you're good