My face depresses me so much, am I just obsessing?

i have bdd (body dysmorphic disorder) and I just went to a party. I was kinda quiet since I didn't know many people there, except for my friend who had met several girls previously the week before. Is it presumptuous to assume that those girls he was hanging out with should have asked who I was? Or did my physical appearance have something to do with there disinterest in getting to know me? I know I'm not really much to look at being kind of unattractive and all, but it rushes right to my face as the answer to why no one really took an interest.

here's what I looked like when I went out



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  • Okay, first, let the "I think I'm unattractive" thoughts go.

    The girls probably shied away from you because most women like it when guys say hello first.

    Granted, not all women will find you attractive. The same thing goes for all other men, and vis-versa for women. You don't find all girls attractive, do you?

    I don't know all about BDD, and I don't claim to, but I do know it is a psychological disorder. In other words, what you see wrong with yourself is unseen be others.

    We are human. We're not perfect. We all have flaws. But, there is someone, somewhere, that thinks you are perfect and flawless.

    Seeing how you have a real disorder, perhaps you should seek counseling and professional advice.

    Good Luck.


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