Girls, if an attractive guy you like is intentionally trying to bump in to you?

would you feel flattered or just creep out ?

just not always ,just once in a while


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  • If by once in a while you mean once or twice then I would feel flattered. But more than a handful of times I would start to feel like I had a stalker on my hands. Don't "accidentally" bump into somebody because they will start to notice that it isn't by accident and see you as desperate or a stalker and who wants that. So ya be careful. Oh and defiantly don't wait in places where you know where she would be hoping she would notice because then the attention you are looking for won't be positive attention.

    • Mm I don't know I feel like sometimes she knows I am there

      i don't know how does she do it

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  • if I liked him, I'd be flattered and hope he makes a move...

    • Haha I don't know wen I try do it I feel so uncomfortable uneasy like feel guilty ... but if the girls does it I like it

      is it normal ?

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    • Moody can be annoying for both parties... that's why I avoid it and try to at least be in a good mood most of the time.

    • Umm not having much luck favoring me these days !!!,just need a good amount of luck to close the deal :)

  • VERY flattered (:

  • really flattered :D


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