Is a beard the average man’s make-up?

The average woman wears make-up. Some women don’t, and some men also wear it.

Speaking averagely though, most men do not wear make-up. A lot of men DO have beards. Is that comparable to make-up?

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  • If you look ugly or worse without a beard... it's the KIND of the same thing as girls looking bad without make up. Mind you make up is something that you don't grow... its a bit like face paint... i mean you could argue that hair also covers up bad features... i for one look better with a fringe. What it comes down to is make up being something that you don't grow/isn't naturally meant to be on your body. Fuck i dunno man but beards can help a guy with a bad jaw.


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  • I grow my beard because I'm too lazy to shave. If that's how some of you ladies treat your face with makeup, I'm honestly afraid to see what your pillow cases look like.

    • I’ve gone to sleep with make-up on before. It’s not that bad for the pillowcase, but my skin had to recover for a week..

  • It's a thing they wear on their face to look more attractive so in that sense yes, but shaving would also then be classed as a kind of makeup, like getting eyebrows trimmed or something, same vein. Maybe it's better classed as a haircut though; still something done to look good, it's just on the face too, not just on the scalp. I think the main takeaway is that yes men put work into making their face pretty.

  • I wouldn't say that it is. It's comparable to the way a woman wears her hair or perhaps does her eyebrows, it's just a hair style. There's nothing fake about a beard, it's part of the guy's body. Make-up on the other hand is not, it's face paint. It can be very deceiving on certain women making them look a lot more attractive than they actually are.

  • Women shave their legs, so that would be the equivalent of a man shaving. However, in the Winter, some women don't shave their legs because they only wear pants or leggings. So then, when it comes to how much time it takes to get ready, maybe they would be about equal.

  • Not really. You look different shaved. But then again you look different with a buzz cut than you do with long hair. Is hair the average man's makeup? nope. Its just hair. If you have uneven skin etc... it'll show, a beard can't hide everything. And a beard doesn't look good on everyone.

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